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The data for Saturday 3 September. The positivity rate drops to 11.6%. The hospitalized are 4,630 (-189 compared to yesterday). In intensive care 188 (-7)

I’m 17,668
the new cases of Covid in Italy. It goes up like this at least 21,925,073 the number of people who have contracted the SARS-CoV-2 virus (including recovered and died) since the outbreak began. THE deaths today I am 48 (yesterday 91), for a total of 175,802 victims from February 2020.

People recovered or discharged they are altogether 21.141.090 And 29,816 those that have turned negative in the past 24 hours. The positive current – the subjects who have the virus – turn out to be in everything 608.181. The swabs carried out are 152,452, compared to 158,970 yesterday. The rate of positivity drops to11.6%.

The health system

The beds occupied in ordinary Covid wards I am -189, for a total of 4,630
hospitalized. The beds occupied in intensive care I am -7 – this is the balance between people who entered and left in one day – for a total of 188 seriously ill, with 15 entrances to resuscitation.

The cases region by region

The data provided below, broken down by region, concerns the number of new cases registered in the last 24 hours. Here the table with the overall data provided by the Ministry of Health.

Lombardy: +2.511 cases
Veneto: +2,041 cases
Campania: +1.773 cases
Lazio: +1.443 cases
Emilia Romagna: +1.366 cases
Sicily: +1.194 cases
Puglia: +1,092 cases
Piedmont: +1,033 cases
Tuscany: +762 cases
Marche: +577 cases
Liguria: +496 cases
Abruzzo: +604 cases
Calabria: +877 cases
Friuli Venezia Giulia: +484 cases
Sardinia: +297 cases
Umbria: +319 cases
PA Bolzano: +163 cases
PA Trento: +285 cases
Basilicata: +218 cases
Molise: +110 cases
Valle d’Aosta: +23 cases

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