3-year-old boy falls from the fourth floor of a shopping center and dies

The little boy was at the mall with his father, but managed to escape the surveillance of the parent and climbed over a protective wall of a mezzanine, falling into space

A 3-year-old child died falling on deaf ears, to be exact, from fourth floor of a shopping center.

Luan Vaz Moraes-meteoweek.com

The terrible tragedy occurred in Cruz Alta, in Brazil. The child had escaped from the “radar” of his father, who unfortunately witnessed what happened, without being able to do anything to save the child.

From what we learn, the child would have fallen from a mezzanine whose height reaches 15 meters, and then crashed on the roof of a synthetic structure located in the basement. When the baby fell on the aforementioned roof, the structure was damaged to the point that the child sustained further fatal injuries. The father could not do anything to stop the son.

The rescue machine was immediately activated and a helicopter took the child to the hospital. Once there, great was the commitment of the doctors to save his life, but his health was too compromisedand the little one died several hours after arriving in desperate conditions in the hospital.

The dynamics of the affair have been reconstructed thanks to shopping mall surveillance cameras. The child was in fact filmed while he was intent on climbing over a protective wall of the mezzanine, in which there was a small room dedicated to the cinema, and then fell in a completely accidental way, making a flight from a height of 15 meters and falling in the void, on the roof of the aforementioned synthetic structure.

All this under the helpless and shocked eyes of the father, who could not avoid the tragic end of his child. In the meantime, the Brazilian firefighters are busy examining some places in the mall to check if there have been any shortcomings regarding updates.

The management of the shopping center called “Eruci Verissimo” also made itself heard, disclosing a note in which it expressed its condolences for the death of the child, who was called Luan, and making themselves available to lend a hand to the authorities to clarify the dynamics of the tragedy.

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