6 activities you absolutely must avoid

There are some activities we do on a daily basis that worsen our health without even realizing it. So let’s go and see 6 operations to be avoided absolutely in order not to damage the liver.

6 activities to avoid so as not to damage your liver (Canva)


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The liver is the organ with the most volume in the abdominal area and plays a fundamental role in the metabolic process. Its features are many:

  • It produces the bile that is needed to emulsify fats
  • It destroys and metabolizes the red blood cells that have finished their life
  • It is responsible for gluconeogenesis, which is the formation of glucose
  • It acts as a warehouse for certain substances such as iron, vitamin B or copper
  • It breaks down and captures the toxic substances present in the body

For all these reasons, having a healthy liver is essential. Despite this, however, we daily work in actions that are highly deleterious for this organ.

So let’s go and discover together the 6 activities to avoid absolutely in order not to damage your liver.


How to ruin your liver: 6 activities you absolutely must avoid

In the first place it will be necessary to avoid as much as possible the intake of alcoholic And super alcoholic, highly deleterious substances for the liver.

liver alcohol
Avoid spirits (Canva)

Similarly, the intake of sweetened soft drinks: these liquids in fact considerably increase the risk of developing liver diseases.

Also there lack of sleep it is a problem to be highlighted with regard to relations with the body in question.

Insomnia in fact generates interference with the organ’s ability to process fat efficiently, causing the accumulation of fat which invites the development of obesity. diabetes and heart disease.

The other activities to avoid in order not to damage the liver

Again, even thePower supply plays a fundamental role for the well-being of the liver: eating unhealthy foods would lead to an excessively large accumulation of fat in the organ, overloading it.

One too sedentary lifestyle and thephysical inactivity are two other factors that cause liver damage as they can lead to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

sedentary life to the pc
sedentary life on the pc (photo by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay)

Finally, even the abuse of some drugs can damage this part of the body: mainly the too assiduous consumption of paracetamol it can cause numerous liver problems.

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