a drastic choice is coming

Ferrari now has no intention of wasting more time: the drastic choice by the Maranello team arrives

World farther to the Ferrari that with the last few races he has seen flee away Verstappen and Red Bull. The Hungarian GP, ​​the last one before the summer break which has already reached the halfway point, gave a perhaps decisive blow to the Reds’ ambitions: Verstappen winner starting from tenth place, Leclerc sixth and Sainz down from the podium.

Sainz and Leclerc © LaPresse

A defeat that sparked the debate, the strategies adopted by Maranello and defended by Mattia ended up in the crosshairs of criticism Binotto. Now, however, with Formula 1 ready to return to the track in two weeks, a drastic decision could soon be taken by Ferrari itself.

In Maranello they no longer intend to waste time and are ready to make a choice invoked by many. To say it is Laurent Mekiessporting director of the Italian team, who also returns to the problems he had in Hungary: “If I were to go back there, I would do exactly as we did. This shows how difficult it is today, in such a complex sport, to understand the reasons behind the choice of one or the other strategy“. But it is above all a drastic choice to hold the ground.

Ferrari, Mekies confirms: soon a drastic choice

Leclerc and Sainz
Leclerc and Sainz © LaPresse

During the interview with ‘Motorsport.com’, Laurent Mekies confirmed that the time is approaching for Ferrari to make a drastic choice. The sporting director does not hide it: “We have always been very clear. Our goal is to achieve the best result for the team: Ferrari comes first ”.

But now something could change: “Obviously, there will come a time when we will have to focus on one rider, rather than another, if the position in the standings requires it.“. Mekies also explains that it will not be a choice dictated by numbers: “We won’t wait for a particular mathematical difference. It will happen when, at some point in the season, we think this is the right thing to do“. And with Verstappen already 80 points away from Leclerc, that point could have arrived, at least as a last attempt to get back into the world championship fight.

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