A dream European country is giving away holiday homes for 35,000 euros, and you can buy them with friends

The houses in Poligiros overlook the sea: we are in the Greek region of Halkidiki and the water is crystal clear like that of Sardinia, or Sicily. There are the large maritime pines, the roofs that stand out from their terracotta-colored foliage. That it is beautiful, in Greece, is certainly not new: we are talking about one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Besides tourism, relaxation and the warm wind that blows from the sea, however, here you can breathe history: archeology, myths, European culture and there is nothing more beautiful than the mix of the two. So what would it be like to buy our house right here?

Surprisingly it would be cheap. Indeed, much cheaper than you might expect. House prices, often times, are lower than what in Italy would be given as a down payment for a very normal two-room apartment.


We are not aware of it, but in a beautiful European country, romantic and very close to ours (also culturally, which has its own importance) we could buy a house with a very minimal amount.

There are houses for 50 thousand euros, others for much less. This house which is located right in Halkidiki it costs, for example, 35 thousand euros. It could become our holiday home, so that we no longer rent any villa or the like, forever. Or a place to retire to read, work remotely, rest away from noisy and polluted cities. All for an extremely low figure.

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