A super Italy beats France 3-2 and flies to the semifinals

Excellent performance by the Azzurri, despite a few too many errors in the service: the Olympic champions, trained by Andrea Giani, are defeated in the tiebreak. On the Romanò shields with 20 points

Italy qualifies for the semifinals of the Volleyball World Cupeliminating the Olympic champions: the France surrenders to the tiebreak, with the score of 3-2 (24-26, 25-21, 23-25, 25-22, 15-12). Well done for the Azzurri to react after losing the first and third sets, while in the fifth and final partial it is the blue domain: the transalpines try to return with Ngapeth, but Lavia realizes the point of victory. Now the winner of Slovenia-Ukraine.

Italy qualifies for the semifinals of the Volleyball World Cup, after a painful and interminable match: France, Olympic gold, surrenders to the tiebreak with a score of 3-2 ((24-26, 25-21, 23-25, 25-22, 15-12). A disruptive start for the Azzurri, who immediately went to 5-2 and then reached a maximum advantage of four points. De Giorgi: the advantage of the transalpines, decidedly inspired, was canceled by Italy, however, with Italy at 24-24, and the Azzurri wasted everything: the first set went to France, 26-24.

The reaction is excellent for our national team, which takes the second set with personality: Lavia and Romanò drag us towards a victory for 25-21. In the third set, however, the structural problems of the blues re-emerge: poor concentration throughout the set and imprecise service (25 errors in all). France thus recovered the disadvantage, while Italy relives the script of the first set: from the initial spurt to the defeat, matured with its own mistakes. 25-23 for Ngapeth and his teammates, who lead to 2-1. Great balance in the fourth period, fought point to point: Romanò and Michieletto drag Italy, which thanks to its offensive effectiveness comes to have three set points against the formation coached by Giani. The first is wasted with a new error in the service, the second is a winner: 25-22 blue and 2-2. It goes to the tiebreak and begins a tricolor monologue: Italy flies to 12-6, until the return of France, dragged by Ngapeth until 14-11. The first of the three blue match points is canceled, the second is a winner: Lavia signs the 15-12 and takes the national team to the semifinals. On the shields Romanò and Michieletto, with 22 and 14 points. Now the Azzurri await Slovenia or Ukraine.

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