A tulip has blossomed in the sea

Kevin Strootman (from his Instagram page)

And now the ball goes to Blessin. The Genoa squad, completed a week early with Strootman, Aramu and Puscas in spite of the swampy contractual situation that surrounded the club, is of a high level and the bench is no exception since it includes well-known interpreters in Serie B, such as Jagiello , Semper, Vogliacco and Sabelli, who would play starters almost anywhere. With the possible and final addition of a left-handed central defender, necessary to give more fluidity to the dribble from behind and further raise the general level, the rossoblù team would find a model complementarity, with at least one pair of men already present in each department, which would raise it to a real team to beat. It is up to Blessin, the technical top, to juggle the quantity and quality procured on the market by the management and extract the best from a locker room built to win, and not to equalize, imposing his strength on every field and against every opponent.

Strootman’s return is the re-flowering of a tulip in the sea. It is difficult to remember another Genoa player who has had such an immediate impact since January as the Dutchman demonstrated that Mr. Ballardini let germinate in the middle of the field and who in a short time improved not only Badelj and Zajc’s performance but also of the “fifth” in midfield that followed closely: Strootman, in fact, was the shadow that Zappacosta trusted to leave behind before having attacked the depth of a fabulous pure hairpin. The moral: whoever plays alongside the tulip improves. The doubts that only Strootman can dispel by listening to his own body are solely of a physical nature after four operations on the left knee, the last of which was arthroscopic and less impactful than the previous ones related to the reconstructed cruciate ligament: Dr. Helge Riepenhof, chief physician of Leipzig who has followed him since the days of Rome, assures him of his integrity.

Strootman should be dosed with caution because, as he got to admit the same, at Marseille he trained alone for many weeks, dedicating himself between the pitch and the gym without the opposition regime typical of group training, and the best condition is far away. However the physique is lean and toned, certainly better than someone else who ran around the field in Bad Häring; the culture of work and mental preparation are the pillars of this champion who failed only due to bad luck that he can turn the most sensitive department of football, and of Genoa. With Strootman the rossoblù midfield, who presumably will return to three with Aramu behind two strikers, gains personality, experience, sense of position, cleanliness in the passing lines and interdiction in a single stroke. He will hardly play them all, and alternatives such as Sturaro and Ilsanker are not lacking, but when he finds continuity it will be a symphony. The ball passes to Blessin.

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