According to Biden, Trump’s political views are “a kind of semi-fascism”

At a fundraising event for Democrats on Thursday, US President Joe Biden called his predecessor Donald Trump’s political views “semi-fascist”. Biden referred to Trump’s election slogan “Make America Great Again” and to all Republicans, which he called “extremes,” and said:

It’s not just Trump, it’s the whole philosophy behind… I’ll say one thing: it’s a kind of semi-fascism.

Biden used particularly harsh words about Trump, according to some commentators also in the wake of his own successes in recent months: Biden has in fact managed to get a large part of his program approved, among other things by passing the most important investment in environmental policies in the history of the United States, new funds for public health and a reform towards arms control which, although modest and limited, is the first in 28 years.

In a few months, the mid-term elections will also be held in the United States (scheduled for November): Biden’s words were also seen as a sort of inauguration of his own electoral campaign in support of the Democrats. Biden spoke of the successes obtained in recent months and of the electoral promises still to be realized, contrasting his own policies with those promoted by the Trump administration, especially on the environment and civil rights.

“The survival of our planet is at stake,” said Biden, who added that if Republicans ruled the country, “women would have no choice in any state.” Republicans called Biden’s words “despicable.”

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