Actress Paola Cerimele dies in an accident after taking a photo with her teacher Sergio Castellitto-

from Alessandro Fulloni

In the frontal to Agnone, his companion was also very serious. The evening before her, the woman had met the Roman director who had directed her in “Don’t move” and who, when he reached the village, asked to meet her. The post before the crash: “The heart beats a thousand.” The pain of the actor to the mayor

The last post dates back to Wednesday evening. The words written by the Molise actress were cheerful and emotional Paola Cerimele, 48, died in a car accident on Thursday. Here they are, these words:«Today it went like this: I get a call from the mayor Daniele Saia: “Paola you are in Agnone (village in the province of Campobasso, ed)? “. I answer: “yes, at home”. “Then come immediately to the Alto Molise oven because there is a friend who wants to greet you”. Intrigued I say: “ok, I’m coming”. I open the oven curtains and I see Sergio Castellitto e Margaret Mazzantini! The heart begins to beat a thousand, we hug each other tightly, happy to see each other again after several years from the shooting of the film Do not move. It was an indescribable emotion. Sergio for me was and will always remain a great master of art and humanity. Sometimes life surprises us and gives us so much happiness ».

3:30 pm, the front on the “Trignina”

you were afternoon (Thursday) the accident. It is 3.30 pm and everything happens along the state road 659 «Trignina», in the province of Campobasso. Paola is traveling aboard a Panda driven by her partner Raffaello Lombardi, 56, also an actor. For reasons to be clarified, the car crashes into an Audi. Paola dies instantly. Her boyfriend is very serious, in a coma at the Pescare hospital where he was transferred to an ambulance after a first hospitalization in that of Fermo.
Now Molise is literally in shock. The actress was well known and appreciated also for having founded, with Lombardo, in 2010, the Compagnia Stabile di Campobasso. Very young, she had attended the “Silvio D’Amico National Academy of Dramatic Art”. Then the cinema: a part in “The stray magi», Pasolini’s fable shot by Sergio Citti. And then “Do not move», Directed by Sergio Castellitto, lactor and director who had not forgotten Paola’s smilecalling her by surprise on Wednesday evening just to see her again.

The condolences of the mayor Daniele Saia

On social media there is also a note of condolence from the mayor of Agnone, Daniele Saia. “Paola left us a few hours ago. There are no words to describe the immense pain we are all experiencing. Thanks to her from all the municipal administration for having carried the name of Agnone among the starsthanks to his immense artistic talent, the result of study, passion and commitment ».

“Castellitto also called me”

TO the mayor says he received a phone call from Castellitto himself, saddened. «Paola was a stubborn, determined woman. Always tied to her origins, she had decided to invest here in Molise by founding the Acting Company. Her absence will cause a deafening roar, an unbridgeable void ». The Tg3 of Molise l‘he recalled proposing again a beautiful and recent interview in which Paolasmiling, he told of the acting courses he held in Campobasso, «Open to all: an adult attends them to become a child again. The stage is good for us … ».

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