ADELE will need help!

I only have her“: Were the first words of Adele (Sara Ricci) after learning what happened to her daughter Susanna (Agnese Lorenzini) by Lello Valsano (Gianluca Pugliese). These days, a A Place in the Sunthe painful affair that occurred to Picardi junior ea Viola Bruni (Ilenia Lazzarin) is still at the center of the scene and, we anticipate, has not yet reached the peak of tension.

At the time of writing, the situation sees Viola more at risk, who seems to have outgrown the surgery both women underwent worse, while for Susanna the outlook appears cautiously optimistic. Be that as it may, the time has come to witness the “sensational decision” of Niko Poggi (Luca Turco) who have been talking about for days advances… But then how will things turn out?

Spoiler A place in the sun: Giulia and Angela try to help Adele

When the highlight of the matter is already upstream, there is a particular part of the plots of the next week that fans of Upas they could not help but notice: there is talk of a sort of “unavailability of Adele”, due to which the very worried Giulia (Marina Tagliaferri) and Angela (Claudia Ruffo) will search for their friend and will go to her house to understand what happened.

This will be what happens next September 7while in the episode aired on day 8 the two Poggi will try to be of help to Adele, who will obviously need their help so much. We will obviously understand why in these days …

Be that as it may, know that the aftermath of what is about to happen will be quite long, with all our characters appearing shaken for a long time; the Giordano family, in particular, will also experience great moments of apprehension next week …

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