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Alba Parietti spent a few words in memory of a man who passed away a few weeks ago. He left a deep void in the heart of the showgirl as well as in that of many Italians who were fascinated by her extraordinary culture

I have been there for more than six months Parietti she returned to have a man by her side. The latter is called Fabio Adami and in life he carries out the profession of sales manager of Poste Italiane. Alba’s new partner therefore does not belong to the world of entertainment, which is why we do not have much information about him.

Alba Parietti (Websource)

However, we know that he is slightly younger than the presenter of Turin and that he is separated with two children, one of whom is still a child. The statements that the Parietti recently released referring to her partner’s private situation.

“My partner has a job and has a private personal situation linked to children and personal issues that must be dealt with with great delicacy. It is right that you can know my facts, but from there to start giving interviews and details it does not seem right ”, declared the splendid showgirl who has thus clarified the man’s desire to preserve his privacy.

Alba Parietti, the sad memory of the showgirl: the words that touch the heart

Through a touching message uploaded to social networks, Alba wanted to pay homage to a great Italian TV personality. The death of Piero Angelaperhaps the most famous science popularizer ever, has left an aura of sadness within all of our hearts.

Alba Parietti (Instagram)

Parietti has spent a series of praise towards Alberto’s father, underlining his ability to talk about science making it ‘usable’ to anyone: “I will always have the memory of her great education, refinement, empathy and sympathy. He gave everyone the opportunity to know the wonders of the entire planet, he raised anyone who had the pleasure of listening to him to the top. Because as an intelligent and refined but kind man, he was the first to understand that if culture makes it pleasant and usable, anyone can enrich themselves “.

Later, however, the mother of Francesco Oppini expressed her admiration for Piero Angela, with whom she is proud to have shared the city of origin: “I will never be able to forget, having had an immense admiration for you, every single meeting and exchange of opinions or simply the pleasure of talking about our own homeland, our city: Turin “. At the end of his message, he thanked the late science popularizer for having given her “the privilege” of being able to “know and listen” to him.

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