Alba Parietti, the serious tumor they had underestimated. You have found out the whole truth

Alba Parietti discovered that she had a tumor that was not initially diagnosed and at any moment she found herself having to face a tragedy.

Alba Parietti is a well-known television showgirl, a real stage animal who has been moving with great talent and wisdom from one program to another for many years.

Today she is one of the main television commentators, consulted on several television programs to have her say on many topics but in the past her role on television was another.

His beginnings were first in television and then in the cinema but after a few years, in 1978 he made his debut in the program Nude, dressed & transvestite and then in the 1981 film Miracoloni by Francesco Massaro.

Among the directors he worked with we remember Umberto Smaila, who had made his debut in the famous Non stop program together with many comedians, including I cats in vicolo Miracoli which included Jerry Calà and Franco Oppini, the latter husband of Parietti and father of his son Francesco Maria, today a commentator who has often found himself at the center of gossip, like the most famous parents and who recently was also the protagonist of an outburst on his social channels for problems during his return trip from Ibiza.

Among the most famous TV programs in which Alba Parietti took part we remember instead Ok, the price is right! and Viva le donne both in 1984 and more recently Live life, Tale and what show And The masked singer.

His father, Francesco was a Piedmontese partisan whose nom de guerre was Naviga and his mother Grazia Dipietromaria was a painter and writer. The name of the soubrette, Alba, comes from the famous Piedmontese city which was the first to be liberated by the Nazis in 1945.

Cancer enters the life of Alba Parietti

One day, after thorough checks, Alba Parietti discovered that she had cervical cancer, a tumor that can be cured but which if not caught in time can lead to very serious consequences.

Alba Parietti has thus chosen to raise awareness among all women by telling her experience and inviting prevention: “Incompetent gynecologists have underestimated the problem. They told me I only had a hormonal imbalance. I found a gynecologist who really listened to me. I was diagnosed with malignant cervical cancer. My blood froze. I learned that my grandmother had died of the same disease, she had been devoured by the disease. I check every six months, today I’m a fanatic of prevention “.

Naturally, the next step for Alba Parietti was to undergo an operation to remove the malignant mass and luckily the former soubrette and columnist was limited to that and it was not necessary to undergo chemotherapy cycles. From that moment Alba Parietti has become one of the first champions of cancer prevention.

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