Alberto’s kiss (which pushes away the rumors of crisis) –

from Federica Bandirali

The princess accompanied her husband to the laying of the foundation stone of a shelter of the Society for the Protection of the Animals of Monaco. She had not accompanied her husband to the Monza GP (despite her friendship with Charles Leclerc)

Her absence at the Monza Grand Prix, where her husband, Prince Albert of Monaco took part, had sparked new rumors of the couple’s crisis: and instead Charlne Wittstock once again messes up the cards on the table and returns to be seen (even smiling ) next to her husband.

While their children, the twins Gabriella and Jacques are attending the first days of school, the princess and her husband went to Peille, an ancient and small village perched on the rock that divides Montecarlo from Menton for a reason linked to the world of animals. In fact, the princes laid the first stone of a refuge for endangered animals. And, in front of the photographers, they exchanged gestures of affection: they arrived hand in hand, they exchanged confidences and kisses on the cheek.

The animal shelter is called Spa of Monaco, which stands for Socit Protectrice des Animaux, an association that protects animals in danger. And, by the way, Charlne was appointed president of this institution.

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