Alessandro Gassmann, controversy for the tweet on Queen Elizabeth

The yesterday’s comment by Alessandro Gassmann on the disappearance of the Queen Elizabeth II. The actor, to greet the British sovereign, published the post on his Twitter profile: “An elderly lady who I liked her died today. She led a beautiful and responsible life, living in castles and sometimes traveling by carriage . I am sorry for his death, as I am sorry for the death of anyone. #ElizabethII rip “. And a controversy has arisen among those who follow him on social media.

Gassmann’s Tweet

According to some of his followers, the Roman actor, 57 years old, son of the great Vittorio Gassman, allegedly commented inappropriately on the death of the Queen, who disappeared at the age of 96 in her luxurious Scottish residence in Balmoral on Thursday 8 September. The actor said he was sorry for the death of the sovereign “as for the death of anyone” and underlined the fact that the disappearance is a person who lived a life of responsibility, but also of great luxury and comfort. , obtained moreover by birth and not by merit.

Under the intervention on the social network there were many comments: someone appeared to disagree with Gassmann, someone else, on the other hand, said he was completely on the same positions.

Among the comments we read: “He is not just an elderly person, he is someone who made history… he is the last monarch of a history that was, like it or not. It’s like his father, who made the history of cinema, and others who do the same job, right? ”. Or: “What an ugly tweet to honor a sovereign who in silence and in the shadows has supported so many historical decisions that have marked our life. I consider it almost derogatory and offensive ”. And again: “Someone give Alessandro a middle school history book. Now that he has picked up the little hearts he craved with the banality of ‘semo all the same’ maybe take a look at them and next time avoid figures how to call old woman a Head of State “.

And there is someone who does not take it well and tweets: “I, on the other hand, if you die, I uncork a bottle”. Gassmann takes it with irony and replies: “I bid you goodnight with this tweet, which is good for you”. Meanwhile, the followers continue below: “This comment is nice”, while another replies: “Karma will take care of it”.


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