Alessia Marcuzzi, have you ever wondered what qualification does she have? You will be surprised (or disappointed)

Ready to return to TV, here is a curiosity about the host Alessia Marcuzzi. Do you know her degree?

Alessia Marcuzzi is ready to return to TV. After announcing her retirement from Mediaset broadcasts, many were wondering where this choice came from. Alessia has conducted many programs on the national network. From Big Brother, to Hyenas, to the Island of the Famous, these are just some of the many programs that have been entrusted to her. There were rumors of discontent in the corridors of Pier Silvio Berlusconi who, once he announced his return to Rai TV, has increased the rumors even more. In this period in which Alessia has moved away from TV, we have seen her take care of her companies and her blog. Alessia has never left her audience and has found a space on the web to continue communicating with her beloved followers.

What educational qualifications does Alessia Marcuzzi have? Here is what the beloved presenter has studied

In the autumn it will be back on TV with the Boomerissima broadcast. The announcement of the new program aroused a lot of curiosity especially because it was his son Tommaso who left some rumors about the program. Some have begun to hypothesize that Tommaso will lead right next to his mother since the program seems to have as its purpose, as the name suggests, to compare different generations. Tommaso has just completed his studies. We saw his mom and little sister Mia, joining him in London on the occasion of his special day. Who knows if he is now ready for his TV debut.

This event aroused a lot of curiosity to Alessia’s fans. Many have wondered what her degree was after seeing her firstborn in the toga. Alessia attended the Sisters of Nevers Linguistic High School in Rome. In this, in addition to the basic notions, Alessia has also learned to speak fluent Spanish, French and English. After graduating, she did not enroll at the University but at the Mario Riva Theater School where she attended acting courses.

Although it might have seemed a risky choice at the time, Alessia hit the mark. Determined to break into the world of entertainment, Alessia Marcuzzi also has many engagements as an actress in her curriculum before even establishing herself as a presenter. She has also begun to inquire about business and marketing for her companies and we imagine that she too has done some studies belonging to the “chemical” branch for the creation of her beauty products.

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