Alex Belli and Delia Duran, another scandal: another woman appears

Alex Belli and Delia Duran, a couple of former Big Brother contestants, are still talking about them because of the turbulent love life

They were among the most talked about and discussed protagonists of the latest edition of Big Brother Vip. A beautiful and very glossy couple, with rather particular habits, at times questionable.

Delia Duran and Alex Belli (Instagram)

We refer to Alex Belli and Delia Duran. Two former Vipponi who continue to be talked about with regard to their private life. In fact, the Emilian actor and model and the South American influencer continue to shock the general public.

Beautiful and the Duran they were in fact pinched, as told by Our TV, in a new love triangle. Latest images showed the couple of former GF Vip competitors accompanied by a mysterious woman.

New ménage a trois for Alex Belli and Delia Duran: the images say it all

It is not yet clear who is there third person immortalized by gossip newspapers along with Alex Belli and Delia Duran. But the images confirm the fact that there may be some cuddly viciousness among the three.

In fact the well-informed speak of a real kiss, on the mouth, between Duran and the mysterious guest. All in front of the eyes of Alex Belli, who certainly approved the situation.

The two former Vippos continue to shock, but at the same time confirm their sentimental and intimate philosophy regarding free love. Last year at GF Vip 6 they did argue for the ménage a trois with Soleil Sorgethe Italian-American influencer who had an important liaison with Belli in the house.

triangle gf vip
The Duran-Belli-Soleil triangle (Mediaset)

The same actor spoke of the concept of ‘free love’ which he follows along with his wife Delia Duran. All, as mentioned, confirmed and reviewed in the triangle immortalized by the paparazzi in recent days with a new flame. It is no coincidence that Alex Belli has recently released a musical hit called Own Love Free.

Someone rumors that the street life scene, complete with a passionate kiss between Delia Duran and another woman, may be part of a video clip which concerns the song performed by Belli. Just fiction or the confirmation of open life as a couple? We will see…

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