Alex Mucci: challenge to the haters

Alex Mucci, or Alexis Mucci, as she sometimes calls herself, is the most controversial model on Instagram. Specializing in sexy content, she has over 4 million followers. She and her an endless audience of haters, whom she challenges with pleasure.

Alex Mucci, the provocateur with 4 million followers | Instagram

Her name is Alessia Mucci but the world knows her as Alex Mucci (or Alexis Mucci, she likes to vary). By a curious coincidence, she was born in Pescara, a city particularly gifted in the field of models / influencers specializing in sexy content.

If you think that posing nude or almost is a comfortable alternative to study and work, in the case of Alexis you are certainly wrong because the very young influencer has a curriculum that can intimidate almost any of her critics.

An aerospace model

The adjective is not chosen at random and does not refer to the forms of Alexis, which also deserve it. No, Alex Mucci, born in 1988, at just 19 she moved to Turin to study, and study hard. Among the many faculties available you have chosen the real “black beast” of each student: aerospace engineering. And she graduated precisely in this at the fearsome Polytechnic of Turin, in 2013.

The ancient and prestigious university that saw Erasmus of Rotterdam, Luigi Einaudi and Antonio Gramsci studying, could have seemed a very austere place for an obviously lively girl like Alessia. And in fact she was to the point that, fresh out of graduation, Alessia took a flight to the farthest possible place, Australia. And she decided to stay there, throwing her diploma to the winds and becoming a pastry chef.

Love and hate

To bring her back to Italy was a tremendous disappointment of love. To make her find a new path, very far from both the Polytechnic and the kitchens of bars and clubs, where she too has worked, was the love of her fans for her very particular artistic sense and for the sexy and rather intense contents that she shares on Instagram. She looks amazing (and she is) but her Instagram account of hers matters well 4 million followers, one of the most followed in Italy, capable of tearing up the big names of Italian TV without any problems. The secret of her success, she says, are application, consistency, originality. But also something less obvious, that is the haters.

Alex Mucci
Alex Mucci, and here the haters are served | Instagram

Everyone on Instagram has it, the girls sharing quasi-explicit content, even more. Alexis also has an industrial quantity. But for her these curious personalities who spend their time insulting strangers on social networks are not an unwelcome presence: “it’s the haters who make the most hype “, He says. And precisely for this reason he does not stop provoking them, with shots like this.

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