all the fault of a famous colleague?

The first knots come to a head in the school of Amici di Maria De Filippi especially in relation to Veronica Peparini’s farewell to her role as a teacher, behind which the name of a famous colleague is hidden?

The start of the twenty-second season of Friends of Maria De Filippi sees the farewell of Veronica Pepariniwho has decided to leave her teaching role and try her hand at new adventures.

Recently, however, new news has been spread that would shed so much light on why the dancer and choreographer has decided to leave her role as a teacher. News that immediately made the rounds of the web.

Veronica Peparini says goodbye to friends

Well yes, as we had the opportunity to explain previously, in the crosshairs of media attention in recent months we find the announcement made by Veronica Peparini about the final farewell to Amici.

The dancer, also on the occasion of the podcast made by Lorella Cuccarini, said she is ready to explore new projects that see her forced to take a break from the talent show hosted by Maria De Filippi, yet … some rumors see at the center of the decision taken by Peparini the desire to distance herself from a famous colleague. That’s who it is.

The truth about Veronica Peparini’s farewell

Over the last few weeks there have been numerous news published on the account of Veronica Paparini and the farewell to Amici 22, behind which a moment of crisis with a famous colleague of the talent show could also be hidden.

According to what was disclosed by, it would seem that to determine the farewell by Veronica Peparini at the Amici di Maria De Filippi program may have been tensions with her colleague Alessandra Celentano. In fact, on several occasions the ballet teacher allegedly accused her colleague of not having real skills in the field of dance, thus leading to various quarrels, this would have been enough to make the decision to Veronica Peparini to say goodbye at least momentarily to the show of friends and thus continue with new work projects. Rumors that at least for the moment do not find any real confirmation.

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