Amici 21, the last hug between Serena and Albe before leaving for New York

The fateful moment has come for Serena Carella And Sunrises: that of the ballerina’s departure for New York. The Apulian girl, in fact, despite her not having conquered the triumph of talent (which went, instead, to the lametino Luigi Strangis), she managed to take more than one victory in the course of her adventure in the school of Friends of Maria De Filippi.

Indeed, thanks to the program of Channel 5, he met love, but not only. During the grand final of Friends 21 won the award Timas well as an important scholarship that will guarantee her the opportunity to study in a prestigious New York dance school.

An important experience that the girl will undertake in these days. And with Sunrises? How will they do it? He had been just the singer for the past few months, over the course of an interview with to explain that distance would not be a problem in the least. For him only a lot of happiness, aware of how much this adventure can serve Serena to grow and improve artistically.

Now she goes to New York in September, but I’m not afraid. I am not afraid because now I have something to do in life, I am committed now, I am no longer at home there, just like an idiot, and neither are you, so I am very happy for you.

It’s not like he’s on vacation for eight months, we’ll see each other, I’ll go to New York. Apart from my house – Cerignola where she lives it takes longer by train than going to NY from Linate. Really, so it’s cool.

And here is that the moment of departure has arrived and the two former protagonists of Friends they wanted to immortalize it through some photos and videos shared via social media with their fans (we thank the colleagues of IlVicoloDelleNews) for the clip you find below:

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