Amici 22, isn’t there good blood between two professors of the new edition?

Missing less and less at the start of the new edition of Friends from Maria De Filippi which, barring unforeseen events or changes, will be broadcast starting from Sunday 18 September on Canale 5.

But there are already numerous rumors and indiscretions that begin to leak out. The first big news concerns the cast of the dance troupe of the talent show. In fact, just yesterday we unveiled a preview that Michele Esposito will return to the program as a professional dancer. But not only. The cast this year will be largely changed due to the exclusion of two very large presences of the past years: Anna Pettinelli And Veronica Peparini. As is well known, in fact, the two professors will be respectively replaced by Arisa (singing teacher) e Emanuel Lo (dance teacher).

The gossip that in these hours is making the web murmur, has the latter mentioned as its protagonist. According to what reported by Blasting News in fact, it would seem that there is no good blood between Emanuel and the Latin American dance teacher (which will be confirmed again this year) Raimondo Todaro:

Rumors still to be confirmed make it known that there would be dislike between Raimondo Todaro and Emanuel Lo. Both dance teachers of the school starting next September 18th. The Latin American teacher and the hip-hop teacher would not be on good terms. Indeed, there are those who are ready to bet that they will discuss a lot during both the afternoon and evening bets.

The reason for this hatred between the two? We still don’t know but it seems to be issues related to the professional career of the two teachers:

The reasons for this alleged antipathy are not known, although it is rumored that everything would be linked to the careers and therefore to the professional path that the two teachers of the school have done up to now.

We just have to wait a few days to understand if it is a simple “gossip” circulating on the web or not.

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