an almost good Champions League draw, but Inter and Juve risk-

from Mario Sconcerti

The real reference in the judgment should not be based on the best team, but on the third of each group: if you beat it (in addition to the fourth), you will still go to the round of 16

THE more complex draws went to Juve and Inter
, perhaps more at Juve than at Inter. There are many important curiosities, such as Di Maria’s return to Lisbon and Paris, two of the cities in which he has played the most. And that of Lewandowski in his old Bavarian kingdom. It can be remembered that Juve are unbeaten after eight matches with Paris Saint Germain, but they were other times, another Paris. In general it seems to me an almost good drawwith complications that are always inevitable.

To better understand the difficulties and advantages we must always remember that the true reference in the judgment should not be based on the best team, but on the third of each group. With the strongest you can lose, but if you beat the third (and fourth), you will still move on to the round of 16. Juve have an adventurous opponent, cracked by the recent, very hard fights between Mbappé and the Messi-Neymar duo, but much stronger and more complete. The real inconvenience comes from the presence of Benfica, an experienced team, traditionally technical, practical and elegant, not unbeatable, but not easy to eliminate. The fourth team isn’t easy either. The Israeli teams are now organized, very hard physically, with elementary technique but a lot of speed.

THEthe group of Inter is even worse, Bayern and Barcelona, ​​but Inter have grown a lot, they are at their best, while Barcelona are spectacular and waning. And Bayern lost Lewandowski. Decisive will be the goals that each of the three will score against Plzen, however tough, athletic team. Milan’s draw is much better. Chelsea will have a very changed, technical team, but perhaps not superior to the best Milan. He will still be the only opponent. The others are the quick boys of Salzburg and the Croats of Dinamo Zagreb, with the Croatians in reserve on the field. The best all play abroad. Finally, Napoli. He started from the third band, two great opponents were inevitable. Among the strong ones he was Ajax, the least robust. Overall he was fine with her. By giving a vote to the fate of the Italians, I would give 8 to Milan, 7 to Napoli, 6.5 to Inter, 6 to Juve.

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