An entire fairytale English village is for sale, and if you buy it with your friends it costs nothing

Why buy a single apartment, or a house in the country, when we could buy an entire village? It is called The Manor of Trevalga, ed It’s on sale at a very low price, indeed, very low.

These days several announcements give the news of the sale, and it is normal, because it is a rarity: usually single houses are for sale, at most the buildings and condominiums. But never a village with seventeen houses, hectares and hectares of countryside, six farms and a breathtaking stretch of coast. The courtyards are well-kept (and from the photos it is evident) and the structure of each house and structure is in the traditional style of the place.

The photos give a very good idea of ​​the British village of Cornwall: nestled in the middle of nature and surrounded by fishermen’s houses and ancient farms.


The green of the meadows stands out, but also the sea in the images depicting The Manor of Trevalga stand out. In short, it is not every day that you can buy an entire English village.

And the price? Here, to be honest, the best part comes. In theory it would be high, around 15 million euros, but if you divide it by the number of land, houses, farms and other properties, well, it’s very cheap. Yet we are in an area, Cornwall, in fact, beautiful and coveted.

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