Anitta, side B is a bomb

Anitta is a musical bomb and more. Her artistic and sensual charge comes from Brazil and she blows everything up, starting with the pants

Anitta, the Brazilian star with many interesting sides | Web source

Anitta is explosive force, musical energy, erotic charge. Anitta also has a sensational side, to say the least, that he knows well and that he knows how to use to freak out his fans, who literally adore him. This Instagram shot is in this sense an extraordinary masterpiece, between seduction and humor. Don’t miss it.

Anitta, a “bomb” who comes from Brazil

Anitta is an extraordinary artist, with a thousand faces and a thousand interesting sides. One of the liveliest and most admired female artists in the world, she takes her energy from her home country of Brazil. Anitta doesn’t like boundaries, conventions: she surpasses them all musically, commercially and with her explosive presence.

It is actually called: Larissa de Macedo Machado and its city of origin is the mythical Rio de Janeiro. He started early with the entertainment world: already at the age of 8 he was performing in front of an enthusiastic audience. Of course it wasn’t a concert stage yet: it was his neighborhood church. He sang in church and in the meantime he studied dance and also administration and accounting in a technical institute in his city. She was sure of one thing: one way or another she was going to break through.

A world star

In 2010 she was signed by the first of a long series of record labels that saw in her talent that of a rising show business star. She is still a small local label but within three years she is already under contract with a multinational, the Warner.

The first single is already a success, the beginning of a career that took off with the victory at ai Latin Grammy Awards. From there it was a crescendo, the passage to the rest of Latin America, of which it began to dominate the rankings, then to the United States, then to the rest of the world. In 2020 his debut on the Italian scene took place thanks to the collaboration with the Italian rapper Fred De Palma.

Anitta, an “explosive” side B | Instagram

But Anitta is not just music, it is emotion that she loves to cultivate with her immense social audience, to whom she reserves real unmissable gems. Small videos of singing and dancing while she is busy with daily chores, or sometimes breathtaking views of what she knows very well to be one of her most admired sides of her. A “side B” made in Brazil that when she explodes out of the pants, as in this case, really drives everyone crazy.

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