Anonymous sends Moscow taxis haywire, chaos for almost an hour: they all answered the same call – The video

It’s a rainy Thursday like so many others in Fly. On the app that helps Russian taxi drivers handle calls comes a request that leads to Fili district. To reach the destination, the taxi has to cross the city and to do so it takes the Kutuzovsky: a road with many lanes which usually guarantees a fast route. On that Thursday morning of September 1st, however, there is traffic. Lots of traffic. Hundreds of other taxis they seem to have to go the same way and no one is willing to give up their place to a competitor. As explained in Forbes.ruthat’s right: a “malfunction” meant that all the taxi drivers connected to the aggregator Yandex Taxi received the same call. The press release also speaks of an “attempt by attackers to interrupt the service”. The attempt was successful, it would seem, seeing the images of what is one of the main streets of Moscow completely blocked for at least 40 minutes.

The company said its security department “has immediately stopped attempts to artificially order taxis ”, but apparently it was not enough to prevent other yellow cars from entering the traffic jam. “There compensation issue it will be resolved in the near future », assure from Yandex. The mystery of who caused this discomfort now seems to have been solved. The Twitter account Anonymous Tv retweeted the video of the Russian taxi driver who immortalized the traffic jam by writing how Yandex Taxi was hacked by the collective of hackers who have already caused more than a few problems for Russian transport in the past.

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