Antenucci and Cheddira show, bad Bellomo and Benedetti. Folorunsho in flashes. The report cards

Another home peer for the Bari which does not go beyond the 2-2 with the Spal. Biancorossi ahead of two at the interval thanks to Cheddira And Antenucci. In the second half the guest reaction with The Mantia And Rabbi. The red and white rose to 6 points in the standings.

Here are the report cards:

CAPRILE 6 He collects two goals on which he has no serious responsibility. For the rest, he is careful;

PUCINO 6 Alternate good plays with other revisable ones. Overall sufficient tender;

OF CAESAR 6 Always ready to unravel the most intricate situations in its parts;

NEWFOUNDLAND 5.5 Loses La Mantia on the occasion of 2-1. Try to put the experience into it;

MAZZOTTA 6 In his first time as a starter, he does not look bad. Better in the defensive phase than in the push phase;

MAIELLO 5.5 A good first is followed by a recovery where he goes into difficulty. Light on Rabbi at 2-2;

MAITA 6.5 Usual game from Maita. With her insertions he tries to hurt the host defense. She goes out with an injury;

FOLORUNSHO 6 In the first part of the race he is among the best. He disappears in the shot;

BELLOMO 5 He never enters the match. In the second half the 3-2 is devoured sensationally;

ANTENUCCI 7.5 The great ex on duty enchants San Nicola with a level performance. The conclusion that brings him to the double advantage is splendid;

CHEDDIRA 7.5 A thorn in the side in shoulder pad defense. He scores and assists once again. He looks regenerated;

BENEDICTS 5 He enters to replace Maita but the difference is evident. He loses most of the duels;

MALLAMO 6 Try to give liveliness to the midfield with his snatches;

D’ERRICO 5.5 Try some individual ideas, with little luck;

SALCEDO 6 He tries to revive and he succeeds;

CANGIANO 5.5 Unlike Salcedo, it does not affect;

MIGNANI 6 His boys play a level first half but in the second half they drop too low and allow space for Venturato’s team. Unlike other times, his changes and his tactical choices do not bring the desired effects.

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