Anticipations A life: Genoveva loses the baby!

No heir on the horizon for Aurelio Quesada (Carlos de Austria) e Genoveva Salmeron (Clara Garrido). In the latest Italian episodes from A life, the dark lady will do everything to prevent the baby in her womb from being born and, in the end, she will succeed in her intent. So let’s see how this turning point will take place in the storyline …

Una Vita, news: Genoveva and the strange phone call

Everything will start the moment Genoveva receives the phone call from her cousin Ivan, resident in Bilbao, which is his native country. The man will therefore inform Salmeron of the fact that her mother, on the verge of death, confessed to the young Gabriela (Lydia Pavon) a secret that, according to the agreements made, he should have taken with him to the grave.

The fact is that, following the strange conversation, Genoveva will begin to behave in a decidedly unusual way, so much so that she will seek a dialogue with her ex-husband Felipe Alvarez Hermoso (Marc Parejo) and will be astonished when the man tells her that he hopes that the pregnancy will not go well because no child deserves to have a mother like her. These words will push Salmeron to make an extreme gesture …

Una Vita, plots: Genoveva attempts suicide and Aurelio …

Oh yes: taken by the most total despair, Genoveva will ingest the entire bottle of the butler’s sleeping pills Marcelo (Patxi Santamaria). The latter will fortunately realize what the lady has done to him and will immediately alert the doctor Ignacio Quiroga (Marco Caceres), which will save both her and the unborn child.

However, Salmeron’s health condition will still be quite fragile, as Ignacio will recommend that Marcelo use the utmost caution, as the patient could become ill again at any moment. On the one hand, the butler will try to follow the doctor’s order, on the other Aurelio will go into a rage when his wife, in the midst of a quarrel, asserts that he would rather die than give a continuation to the Quesada dynasty.

This will lead Aurelio to the point of trying to strangle Genoveva, although fortunately he will be interrupted by Marcelo, who will invite him for the umpteenth time to use his head and remind him that in Spain he would be immediately arrested if he really killed his wife.

Una Vita, spoiler: Genoveva loses the baby!

Having received Marcelo’s “advice”, Aurelio will then mea culpa and swear to himself that he will no longer do anything rash that could jeopardize the birth of his own son. This intention, however, will not be enough, given that a few hours later Genoveva will begin to have heavy blood loss and excruciating pain in her belly.

Despite the timely intervention, which will take place since it will be notified by Marcelo and by Luzdivina (Noelia Marlò), Ignacio will not be able to do anything to avoid the worst and Salmeron will lose the baby.

Will the tragic resolution lead to further consequences for Genoveva? Will Aurelio take it out on her and try to kill her once more? It is not at all certain, given that during those excited moments the Quesada will end up in the hands of Rodrigo Lluch (Gonzalo Ramos), intent on getting him out before it’s too late …

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