Anticipations Storm of love: Cornelia discovers she could be Werner’s daughter!

A real earthquake is about to disrupt the lives of Cornelia Holle (Deborah Müller) and the whole Saalfeld family. In the next Italian episodes from Love storm in fact, the woman will discover that she can be related to the family of her beloved. Not everything, however, is as it seems … So here’s what will happen in the episodes of Sturm der Liebe soon aired in Italy on Network 4!

Storm of love, Italian episode previews: Robert distances himself from Ariane

Ariane, Cornelia and Robert, Storm of love © ARD Christof Arnold (1) (1)
Ariane, Cornelia and Robert, Storm of Love © ARD / Christof Arnold

Since when Ariane Kalenberg (Viola Wedekind) has made up her mind to conquer Robert Saalfeld (Lorenzo Patané), a real nightmare has begun for Cornelia. There dark ladyin fact, he is leaving no stone unturned to impress the handsome hotelier and separate the latter from his fiancée.

And of course she wasn’t watching …

On the occasion of the “kidnapping” that saw Ariane and Robert get closer thanks to the dramatic shared experience, Cornelia has in fact sensed that what happened is nothing but a staging by Kalenberg, but ending up colliding with the obstinacy of the companion not to open his eyes.

In any case, although convinced that Cornelia’s insinuations are absurd, Robert will understand that the situation risks compromising his relationship with his girlfriend and will therefore decide to interrupt relations with Ariane. News that the latter will not take well …

Spoiler Storm of love, Italian news: Cornelia daughter of Werner?

Werner confronts Cornelia and Robert, Storm of Love © ARD Christof Arnold
Werner confronts Cornelia and Robert, Storm of Love © ARD Christof Arnold

It will be in these circumstances that a special event will fall: Cornelia’s mother’s birthday! As you may recall, the old woman – now suffering from senile dementia and locked up in a nursing home – is the former historic housekeeper of the Fürstenhof and she therefore knows the Saalfelds very well.

Well, while Cornelia prepares to visit her mother to celebrate together, Werner (Dirk Galuba) will understand that the time has come to make a confession: years before he had an affair with Cornelia’s mother! And she didn’t end here …

Having just overcome the shock, Holle will find a letter from her mother in which the latter confesses to having conceived her with the old Saalfeld! Needless to say Cornelia will be shocked at the prospect of being Werner’s daughter and, consequently, Robert’s half-sister and will decide to get to the bottom of it.

What the woman ignores, however, is that in reality the nightmare she is experiencing was artfully orchestrated by Ariane! This will be the beginning of a storyline destined to keep us in suspense for several months …

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