Antonella Clerici and the diet of 5, how it works

No hormone treatments, but food supplements and a diet regimen. Antonella Clericifamous host of beloved programs such as The cook’s test And It is always noonhe told in an interview with the magazine Woman Silhouette the choices she made after she entered the menopause regimen and explained the diet of 5 that she follows, according to the indications of her nutritionist friend Evelina Flachi.

The diet of 5, proposed by the doctor, is quite simple. It includes a food pairing that limits meat, a first course with vegetables at lunch and proteins (legumes, fish) in the evening and vegetables and fruit again, spirits abolished, half a glass of red wine allowed. It is essential to drink at least two liters of water a day, even in the form of tea and herbal teas without sugar, to favor simple cooking and the use of extra virgin olive oil. The nutritionist advises: “Always start your meal with vegetables, even in the form of purees or creams and with a glass of water. This helps you feel full and has a positive biochemical effect because it acts on the hunger hormones, regulating them”.

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