Antonella Clerici, the fatal tumor: the heavy confession

The presenter Antonella Clerici has decided to make a confession that has left everyone literally speechless, speaking without restraint of the terrible disease that entered her life and how much prevention can make a difference.

The presenter, beloved by the general public, opened her heart by revealing di a very delicate moment of its existence …

Antonella began to take her first steps in the entertainment world in the 1980s by conducting sports programs including Sunday Sprinyou Dribbling with Gianfranco De Laurentiis on Rai. She obviously she immediately got noticed for her skill and for her very considerable competence of her and since then she has always been on the crest of the wave. Her big break came when she took the reins of the successful program The cook’s test, of which she was the undisputed icon, leading her to be one of the leading figures of the television broadcaster. Today she has been leading for years with enormous success It is always noonbroadcast every day, from Monday to Friday, just before lunchtime on the flagship network of the company in Viale Mazzini.

Antonella Clerici and her painful confession

Among the great awards obtained certainly the condition of Sanremo Festival in 2010 which was – undoubtedly – a great satisfaction for her and above all it has had both public and critical acclaim. Although it may seem that Antonella Clerici’s life is all pink and flowers, so much so that fans of the presenter have always been used to seeing her with a dazzling and contagious smile printed on her wonderful face, in her private the famous presenter he had to face devastating situations and the pain of a very serious bereavement. She herself decided to make a very personal confession that she left everyone speechless.

The mother torn from life by cancer

Antonella said she was deeply connected to her family and it was precisely about this that she decided to tell an interview with the weekly More Tv a terrible period that in its past has experienced it tremendously. Antonella revealed to the magazine that in 1995 she lost her beloved mother Franca, due to a terrible evil that entered her life: it was a malignant cancer that tore her from life. Since then, the famous presenter has fought at the forefront to support and spread the messages of prevention against cancer and is – moreover – associated as an ambassador to the Airc Foundation, Italian Association for Cancer Research.

Clerici herself also said that since she had to face her mother’s terrible illness until today, science has made great strides to find a cure for cancer and therefore there are so many treatments that currently they can really make the difference between life and life death. But what is fundamental is first of all, it is definitely prevention.

Unfortunately Antonella says that her mother she had been hit by a particularly aggressive form and probably wouldn’t have made itbut with today’s treatment he could perhaps have lived longer and even better.

For this reason, the presenter has never stopped fighting, so that as many people as possible begin to pay attention to the messages that our body sends us all the time.

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