Antonella Clerici, the story of the red code hospitalization: the real risk of dying – the Democrat

A life in which there have been several tragedies. Antonella Clerici had to face one problem after another, but fortunately she came out stronger than before.

In recent years Antonella Clerici has been able to to collect increasingly successes. There conductor with golden curls she found herself al helm of several transmissionsmaking himself loved more and more by the whole public.

We have had every way to love her especially for hers conduction in the transmission The cook’s test. It was thanks to this experience that Clerici entered the heart of viewerswithout ever getting out of it.

The terrible evil that entered Clerici’s life

In all these years the conductor she always showed herself with a dazzling smile on the face. No one would ever have imagined that behind that sunshine there were some dramatic situations to deal with.

It is well known that Antonella Clerici is ambassador of the Airc foundation for cancer research. This role le fits to the brushconsidering the fact that she herself had to to deal with bad cancer.

There disease he took away from her the woman who brought her into the world. There mother della Clerici, in the turn of three monthshas been swept away from earthly life.

It was certainly one difficult situation to face that has left a mark indelible in the heart of the host herself. Bad tragedies they do not end here. When everything seems to have returned to its place, here they come again problems.

The red code admission of the host

The beloved host with the contagious smile has risked dying. It was 2012 when she told herself what she was going through on her profile Twitter.

I risked my life from anaphylactic shock. I had taken a new generation antibiotic, I felt suffocated and I got a terrible itch in my left ear, as if there were a beast inside, my face swelled ”.

Everyone is frightened for this condition. Once arrived at the hospitaldoctors are intervened immediately and have subjected the presenter to one night of hospitalization to be under observation.

There worry initial was caused by the way in which the presenter presented herself, with the swollen and sore facebut also for the box of medicines he had with him.

It was possible stabilize all his condition of health simply by using the cortisone. In the end, everything worked out for the best and Antonella Clerici was back in magnificent shape.

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