Are Matteo Ranieri and Valeria Cardone back together? The strange coincidence on their social profiles

The web goes crazy for the statements of the former couple. Frecciatina or backfire? Here’s what they posted.

Matteo Ranieri lived his holidays continuously attacked by web users and by the audience of Maria De Filippi’s daiting show. This happened when shortly after the choice in which he decided to meet Valeria Cardone outside the program, they announced the end of their relationship. The public accused not only Matteo but also the editorial staff of the Men and Women program of having left the throne to a boy who had already taken part in the program and who was obviously only looking for further visibility. Matteo was in fact the choice of Sophie Codegoni who is now happily engaged. The former gieffina had hinted that Matteo did not like his lifestyle and that shortly after the choice he had decided to put a point on their acquaintance.

The social clue that drives fans crazy. Matteo Ranieri and Valeria Cardone, backfire or dig? Here’s what the exes posted

During his journey as a tronista, no one would have expected Matteo to decide to meet Valeria, the latest to court him, out of the program. Yet the two left the program together but soon stopped showing themselves together. This made the couple’s fans very suspicious as Matteo did just that before announcing his separation from Sophie. The confirmation came shortly after Cardone’s birthday who, according to what web users wrote, she received some insipid good wishes from her boyfriend. The two didn’t even spend that day together as Matteo was on vacation with his family. Here, however, the two publish these stories and the web becomes curious.

Valeria answers a question in which she is asked about her physical activity since she has an enviable body. The woman confesses that if she doesn’t exercise she starts to have back pain and generally, when she doesn’t, she is worse off. Shortly after, indeed, almost simultaneously, the story of Matteo arrives where he talks about how training can be good not only for the body but also for the mind. “Sport does not solve your problems but it can help you feel better and face things more clearly”writes Matteo and the fans of the now ex couple wonder if this is a dig or a clue of a flashback between the two.

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