Argentina, journalist rejoices and toasts live for the death of Queen Elizabeth II: “Old nazi of shit” – The video

“I promised you we would have a toast, so what let’s toast! ” From his TV studio Santiago CuneoArgentine journalist and politician, with the guests of the program Cuneo to mediodia announces the death of Queen Elizabeth II uncorking sparkling wine, applauding and insulting her. «The old shit is dead, she is finished once and for all», he exclaims joyfully: «Thunderous applause for Satan who took her away. This filth of Lucifer. This Hitler’s admirer it’s finally over ».

The precedent of the Falklands

Between Argentina And United Kingdom there is no good blood, especially because of what happened on the Falkland Islands (or as the Argentines call them, Malvinas) in the 80s. For centuries disputed territory, since 1833 it has been under British control. The April 2, 1982 they were occupied by Argentina at the end of a military expedition. The reaction of the government led by Margaret Thatcher it was immediate: he sent warships and submarines, as well as various troops who reconquered the islands within a few weeks, causing a crisis, later fatal, to the Argentine military dictatorship. Even today it is the territory of the English crown and in memory of Elizabeth II the islanders proclaimed mourning and lowered the flags at half mast.

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