Arisa, the dress doesn’t hold all that stuff: the hot aftermath

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Arisa is a woman with unparalleled beauty; with her post she manages to literally send the world of the web into a tailspin.

In speaking of Arisa we cannot but start from the sentimental aspect and, from this point of view, we must emphasize what happened with Vito Coppola. The two, who met at Dancing with the Stars, immediately showed a certain feeling; theirs was a relationship that has gone through many ups and downs.


The story seemed to be going well considering how the two had been seen at the last one cup final Italy won byInterin overtime, to the detriment of Juventus. Before the referee whistled the kick-off, Arisa she performed by going to sing the anthem of Mameli.

Things didn’t always go perfectly between them; it must be emphasized that, according to some rumors, it seems that the singer has blocked Vito Coppola on Instagram for a possible story between him and Lucrezia Lando. A report denied by the same Vito Coppola.

But the roller coaster continues; recently, on the occasion of the departure of the same Vito Coppola for Londonthe singer made a beautiful dedication to him on Instagram. Clear sign that either the social block has never existed or Arisa he removed it before the sweet message.

As for the work aspect, however, the career of Arisa starts very young when she takes part in the contest of Gianni MorandiGet your mom to send you“. We also remember his role as judge a X Factor where he had a very heated discussion with Simona Ventura.

On Arisa a few must also be mentioned his experiences at Sanremo Festival; in 2009, for example, he won in the category “New Proposals“Thanks to the song”Sincerity“. Success repeated in 2014 with the song “Against the wind

Arisa, the zoom is inevitable: timeless beauty

As we can see from this photo, taken directly from his profile Instagramwe can notice the incredible charm and immense beauty of Arisa. White dress, black boots and, probably, the search for balance so as not to fall off the horse; we are faced with a hugely successful singer and a woman who is practically impossible to resist.


We have rightly pointed out how she is a very popular singer and able to create real hits thanks to her songs of absolute success. Arisa, however, it is also very popular on a social level; his profile Instagramfrom this point of view, it has exceeded one million followers.

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