Artemis I, what do we know about NASA’s mission to return to the moon

The August 29except for postponements in the countdown which will last a total of two days including some intervals, the new one space carrier of the NASA Space Launch System (SLS) will do his first test together with the new spaceship Orion with no men on board. Baptised Artemis mission 1 will last 42 days and its purpose is to test all systems of the SLS carrier and the Orion capsule before the second mission in 2024 with astronauts on board.
In this flight Artemis will perform a circumnavigation of the Moon moving away up to 60,000 kilometers from our natural satellite; a distance never reached by a vehicle that will be inhabited in the future.
There will be on board cameras that will film the lunar craters making us share the long journey.
The Artemis program was launched by the White House in December 2017, establishing the return of American astronauts (the first will be a woman and a black man) to the Moon. This should happen in the 2025. The program required massive funding and for this reason it was contested above all by private individuals such as Elon Musk. But NASA has always replied that it was a national investment. The new carrier cost according to the NASA inspector general around 22 billion dollars while the cost of Orion is around 14 billion dollars.

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