Asia Argento and her daughter Anna Lou, the rare mother and daughter photo

Asia Argento returns to be the protagonist of the scene thanks to a very rare photo that portrays her with her daughter Anna Lou, born from the love story with the singer Morgan. Here’s how we find them today.

They have been really turbulent years for Asia Argentowho had to say goodbye to a great love like that kept her firmly united to Antony Bourdain, found lifeless after a dramatic suicide, and the various difficulties she was then forced to face such as the death of her mother.

Now, the actress seems to have found the smile at the side of both her children and unleash the media we find one beautiful photo that portrays her right next to the young Anna Lou.

Asia Argento conquers the web together with Anna Lou

Asia Argento returns to show itself on social mediaas always recounting some of the best moments of her life, such as those lived alongside her daughter Anna Loualso super star of the web.

The young daughter of Asia Argento and Morgan has decided to follow her career in the world of entertainment, as confirmed by the success in the cast of the third and final season of Baby, but in the crosshairs of media attention we find the photo that portrays both women together as never before seen before now.

The rare photo of Asia Argento and her beautiful daughter

Well yes, in the viewfinder of the web in these hours we find one beautiful photo that portrays Asia Argento and her eldest daughter Anna Louwhich has left its fans speechless on social media.

To conquer the people of the web, therefore, we find the beautiful photo that portrays the actress next to her daughter, who already shows herself as a beautiful young woman with a bursting charm inherited from Asia Argento. A shot that in no time left everyone speechless, revealing itself to be a record like boom.

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