at 18 he is the same as his father-

from Federica Bandirali

On 4 September the girl has come of age and in the photos taken by “Diva e donna” walks with her mother Kasia Smutniak. You notice the resemblance to her father, who died in 2010

Same eyes, same smile and same facial expressions. The resemblance of Sophie Taricone, the daughter of Pietro Taricone, to her father is very evident. The young woman keeps herself away from red carpets and social occasions (like mother Kasia Smutniak) and very reserved even on social media, where she has a closed profile. To publish the photos of the girl the magazine “Diva e Donna”, which immortalized her in Taormina, where she was on vacation with her mother, actress and model of Polish origin.

He was only five years old at the time of the accident

Sophie was only 5 years old when in June 2010 the pope Pietro Taricone lost his life after an accident with the parachute, one of his great passions that he shared with his partner Kasia. That day the doctors tried to save him after a very delicate operation but the unforgotten protagonist of the first Big Brother did not make it, leaving the actress alone with the child. Pietro and Kasia got married in 2019.

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