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King Charles III gave his first speech today after the death of his mother, Elizabeth II, which took place yesterday in Balmoral

Charles he delivered today – just over 24 hours later the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II – his first speech as a king.

In the speech, sent to the subjects at 5 pm local time (7 pm, in Italy), King Charles III recalled the mother, for whom the country entered into mourning.

«We all are deeply grieved from this disappearance », he said,« but we share with many a deep sense of gratitude for the 70 years of his reign. His was a life well lived; my mother was a source of inspiration. You have made sacrifices, in the name of her sense of duty: e I solemnly repeat today the promise she made in her time, that of being at your service until the end of my life“.

“Queen Elizabeth has embraced progress while maintaining attention to tradition. Our values, ”she later said,“ have remained firm, and must remain firm. The role of the monarchy must also remain solid ».

«It is a« moment of great change for my family, I count on the love of mine beloved wife Camilla. Since we got married she has become my queen consort, I know she will live up to her role, ”said Carlo.

“As my heir, William will assume the title of Prince of Wales. With his wife, Catherine, alongside him, the new Prince and Princess of Wales will continue to inspire and guide public discourse in our country, helping to bring those on the sidelines into the center of attention, where vital help can be given. “.

Carlo also spoke of Harry and Meghan, for whom he expressed “my love” and to whom he wished to be able to continue building their lives overseas. He did not, however, name his first wife, Diana.

Carlo then thanked his mother several times, in a moving way, “my beloved mother”: “To you, my dear mother, as you begin your last great journey to meet my dear father, I just want to say this: thank you. Thank you for your love and devotion to our family, and to the family of nations that you have served, with such great diligence, all these years. May a flight of angels accompany you, singing, to your rest ».

At the end of the speech, the hymn “God save the King” was sung in St Paul’s Cathedral in London – where a service was in progress for the Queen.

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