ATM, from now on stop withdrawing: this is what is happening

Money is perceived by almost all citizens, including Italians, as a main resource, and for most of them it is the main motivation that leads to work. If it represents something “defined” symbolically speaking, in the practical act over the centuries, especially during and after the industrial revolution that defined social classes, it has acquired a new dimension, to which is added one linked to the gradual but constant replacement between “physical” and electronic money, that is the forms of currency that exploit an electronic circuit, such as an ATM.

ATM, from now on stop withdrawing: this is what is happening

Bancomat, a consortium and joint-stock company active in our country and in many other European countries, since the 1980s, it has made it possible to make withdrawals, payments and to develop a whole range of services. But it is above all the context of withdrawals that ATMs have found the greatest diffusion, even if this action is destined in the not so distant future to become part of the past.

With the increasingly important diffusion of electronic payment systems, withdrawals are also “less fundamental” for banks that have been gearing up to “digitize themselves” for several years. Specifically, this means less need to have ATMs and therefore less “ease” in finding one of these devices.

Some banks have already disposed of their series of ATMs, choosing in advance to allow full access to withdrawals through the branches of other banks. , are destined to increase significantly.

From a base of 49 euro cents for the Bancomat circuit, these commissions will progressively increase, perhaps starting as early as next year, as requested by Bancomat SpA which, for a cost issue, has officially proposed the repeal of this fixed rate, called interbank commission, in favor of a flexible, determined by individual banks.

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