ATM, here’s the news that shocked everyone: “unbelievable”

When we refer to ATMs, we think of all payments and transactions made with electronic money. Since Bancomat SpA was the first to have great success and diffusion, its name therefore represented the whole world of electronic payments. It too has evolved over time, in fact before it was only used to pay by card, while then withdrawal was made available through compatible ATMs.

ATM, here’s the news that shocked everyone: “unbelievable”

As we have said, having been the first to be widespread, the Bancomat then extended to all electronic payments. Even if wrong, many people when they talk about debit cards or account cards they associate it with ATMs. Even though these electronic payments are becoming more and more widespread and are by far replacing cash, the same cannot be said of ATMs, which are increasingly disappearing.

In fact, many lenders are working hard to make the services work home banking. These are the services that the banks used to do before and that can now be done easily online from home, directly on the bank’s website or even on some application on the phone.. For example, we can mention the disbursement of the balance, the account statement or the various movements of withdrawals. In addition, withdrawals can be made through ATMs.

The latter, however, are less and less widespread in Italy. They are in fact disappearing mainly due to the high cost it takes to maintain them. Many banks therefore deactivate them to save money, also because now people pay directly with the card instead of going to withdraw cash. It must also be said that many banks have just closed their branches so as to only work obliviously and therefore save.

These devices will certainly not be completely eliminated but almost certainly the fees will be higher. In fact, withdrawing could cost even more than 1.50 EUR.

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