Audi A3, presented the “off-road” version: it is war on the segment

The Audi A3, in its new off-road version, promises sparks, but above all to help unleash a trade war, in the context of a competition that, in itself, is gaining momentum in the sector.

The Audi A3 in the SUV version, in the testing phase.

The new model, in a raised position, is currently shown in its test phases on the track. In addition to the first rumors, therefore, the first images were also “captured”. The version tested on one of the Nurburgring circuits (an area surrounding the Nürburg Castle in Germany, entirely dedicated to this kind of tracks), is camouflaged. Let’s see what’s behind it.

Waiting to discover the new A3 off-road model

If the version being tested is disguisedit certainly is not to reveal the name in full, and therefore leave, until the end, suspense in this context. This will help fuel the climate of attention aimed at the launch of the new model. The name in question, in addition, could be the one reported as a suffix for the A1 Citycarver, previously, ie “Allstreet”.

Even the details, of modification of the bodywork, are covered by the same camouflage film aimed at not having the full name of the car read. However, it is thought that, in addition to the raised structure, and to all features structural necessary to guarantee the functionality, stability, and road holding typical of an off-road vehicle, including knowing how to deal with more inaccessible terrains if necessary, there are no further innovations, not on the mechanical side, at least. It could be possible the contribution of some further gem for the technological partas these endowments are rapidly evolving, but this is not necessarily the case.

It is also assumed that, given its nature as a vehicle ad raised trimsystem a can be envisaged traction front for the version base.

A detail of the new A3 off-road version, unveiled in preview.

The mechanical sector

Speaking of it, it is speculated that the mechanical equipment should follow that ofAudi A3, in the version already available (not off-road). It should be mentioned, however, for the enginean important clarification, given that the same is expected to be taken, even if only for certain characteristicsfrom the endowment of the Audi RS 3 Sportback. Let’s talk about the conformation a 5 cylinders of the engine, with capacity from 2.5 liters.

Furthermore, as we have received from the images displayed in the preview, there should be, among the proposed versions, the hybrid plug-in version. Not surprisingly, the presence of a flap in the front part of the side leaves no doubts, revealing itself, for the most part, to confirm this.

The release date

Nothing is known yet, neither about the presentation date, nor about the release date. At present, it could be presented among the latest news of 2022, or among the first of 2023. But it is still all to be seen.

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