Aurora Ramazzotti, bad background on pregnancy. It didn’t have to end like this

Aurora Ramazzotti and her pregnancy: the new rumors are back and talkingthis time, is a very close person to the daughter of Michelle Hunziker and Eros Ramazzotti.

Among the various news spread and followed, Aurora Ramazzotti’s pregnancy is arousing interest and curiosity. Even because there itself girl and family have not confirmed anything yet. Around the story hover so many doubts and so many questionsthe suspicion on the validity of the sweet expectation and on the truthfulness of the rumors circulating.

Aurora Ramazzotti is engaged to Goffredo Cerza, global content marketing manager of Brembo, an Italian company specializing in technologies and braking systems in the automotive field. The two are the same age and met at university, they currently live together and seem determined not to make any particular statements regarding the development of their history.

The hype about the possible interesting state started from a sighting in Sardinia: Aurora Ramazzotti with her mother Michelle Hunziker they were buying a pregnancy test. At first it seemed that the purchase was for the Swiss presenter, who in that summer was a steady couple with Giovanni Angiolini. In reality things are different and a character close to the couple has released one surprising statement.

Aurora Ramazzotti Goffredo Cerza

The revelation that confirms

The character who can turn this around is Alfonso Signorinione of the greatest gossip and gossip experts, who never fails to release hot revelations and announcements. Recently, the presenter of the “Big Brother Vip“Was interviewed by the” Corriere della Sera “and was able to speak and converse freely about recent summer scoops. The end of the marriage between Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi, which represented one of the greatest revenues for his newspaper “Chi”, and the alleged pregnancy of Aurora Ramazzotti. Material that has spread rumors, suspicions and a lot of curiosity about these events.

Aurora Ramazzotti pregnant

These are the statements by Signorini regarding Aurora Ramazzotti and her possible “waiting”: “How angry did I make Aurora? Eh, I think so. After I learned that he was not yet past the third month. (…). I wouldn’t have broken the news. But they tell me that now everything is fine e that you are very happy“.

Alfonso Signorini, therefore, confirms the sweet expectation of Aurora specifying the times. The young girl, in fact, would not be in the fifth month but in the first three months of gestation, a particular period of time, to which to pay great attention and care. Maybe this could be it the reason for so much privacy and silence by the couple.

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