bad unexpected, what you absolutely must do

Be careful because what is happening with Whatsapp is really a bad unexpected! Let’s see together what it is.

Whatsapp is an online platform, an application, which everyone now has on their mobile phone. It allows us to send everything to other people: starting from simple messages, passing through photos and videos and ending with various documents and files.

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But in the last period we really have to pay a lot of attention, because many users are having a bad unexpected. Let’s see together what it is and how to do to avoid it happening to us too; with these applications social you must always be very careful to avoid falling into rather unpleasant situations.

Whatsapp is about to present a really bad unexpected: let’s see together what it is and how to avoid it

When we talk about Whatsapp a real world opens up before us. It is now an application that we cannot in any way do without, through which the exchange of any type of information really takes place. It is an application so used that when it goes down we feel a bit like on a desert island, far from everything and everyone.

We can say that it was also the application that most kept us united during the pandemic and allowed us not to lose contact with the outside world, having to remain closed in our homes for many days. In this way we had the opportunity to share our daily life with other people.

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Whatsapp will have bad unexpected – Credits: Adobe Stock

But things are happening lately that are putting him in danger. One in particular comes from the postal police who are having real reports of stolen profile. What is happening specifically? In practice, a message arrives on our mobile phone, from a number we have in our address book, telling us that we must send a code, which he will forward to us, to help him. Obviously, seeing that the contact is our acquaintance and friend, we do not hesitate to do all this, but we are wrong.

We are trapped by cybercriminals who in this way manage to access our profile and steal our Whatsapp account. The first thing we must absolutely avoid, when we receive such messages, is to reply and enter the link that is sent to us; the second thing is to call the person who sent us this link and ask if he really did it and what it is for, so we will immediately unmask the culprit. Let’s continue with the verification of the account: this is to understand if the latter has been violated; a 6-digit code will arrive that we will have to enter following a precise procedure.

It will be very simple and effective and we will avoid having the account stolen in such a stupid, but at the same time very clever way.

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