Bagnaia disaster, what he did is inconceivable, heavy disqualification in the next San Marino GP

Pecco Bagnaia incurs a very heavy penalty, now for him the road will be all uphill, San Marino GP at risk

Pecco Bagnaia (Instagram Photo)


Departure all uphill for Pecco Bagnaia in view of the important San Marino Grand Prixthe known track could have given a great opportunity to the champion who currently plays in third position but with all the possibilities still open for get high. To stop him on this occasion, however, was his behavior, not admissible according to the commission that established one heavy penalty which jeopardizes the outcome of the next qualifications.

Bagnaia hinders Marquez in FP1, 3 penalty positions on the starting grid

Disqualification of Bagnaia
Bagnaia (Photo by Mirco Lazzari for Getty Images)

In the first tests Bagnaiaat least according to the tender commission, would have hampered Alex Marquez in the final of FP1 remaining in the trajectory at low speed, behavior outside the regulation which will add a bad penalty in view of the next GP.

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Whatever the outcome of the official qualifications will be Pecco Bagnaia will be brought behind by three positions compared to the one earnedto hope for a success that would reopen the World Championship will be necessary to excel in qualification and earn the pole that will be transformed into the second row start.

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It didn’t take a shot like this, especially in one very delicate phase of the seasonthe circuit of “home“It would have been a significant advantage that now seems to have vanished, the focus is now very high on qualifications which will certainly say a lot about the outcome of tomorrow’s GP.

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