Barbara Alberti: “Enough with the history of sex at the age of 80. Two old joined bodies do not evoke eroticism but death”

“The image of two old joined bodies it does not evoke eroticism, it evokes death“. It is lapidary Barbara Alberti in saying, in a heartfelt interview with Corriere della Sera, what do you think of love and above all of sex between “over”, that is, between elderly people. “We can’t take it anymore. The problem is that for years we are no longer poor christs but consumers. Everything must be consumed: food, fashion, sex. And since for some time they have realized that we old people have time and – on average – more money: that’s why they try to convince us to fuck. Then, for heaven’s sake, everything happens. Once we had two old neighbors who we believed in limine mortis, but then we discovered that they did it every day, ”explains the writer and journalist.

And he urges: “I know, I’m provocative. But ior I’m sick of this having to measure sex, fix it in roadmaps: gentlemen, here’s how to copulate at twenty, forty, sixty, eighty. Each age, then, is classified with the rules to follow, as in a manual. Sex is the freest thing there is, the least controllable thing. Everyone do what he wants, but for heaven’s sake, let’s recover modesty. It is the biggest detonator of sexuality. But do you ever wonder why we women still go crazy for Cary Grant today? Because we’ve never seen him in his underwear. Today we talk too much about sex and we don’t do it much. Young people, then, very little “.

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