Barbara D’Urso almost in tears! Immense pain for sudden mourning: “There are no words”

In these hours Barbara d’Urso has shown all her pain for the sudden mourning. The presenter was speechless: what happened.

Great mourning for Barbara d’Urso who in these hours has shown the public at home all her great pain for what has happened. In fact, the presenter was moved live by the death of Elvira Zriba: let’s go and see her words.

The live tears of the Canale 5 host (Via WebSource)

As has happened since last season, Barbara d’urso opened Afternoon Five with the news. Among the many cases treated, the presenter has dealt with Elvira Zriba, the 34-year-old girl who in Naples a few days ago was killed by a pirate motorcycle, with the driver wheeling on a wheel without a license. During the live broadcast, the victim’s mother, aunt and cousin were present in the studio.

The mother of the young Elvira, Alba, froze with pain and could not speak. Seeing the lady in trouble, the Neapolitan showgirl with her voice broken by her tears, said: “Alba I believe that every mother dreams and always hopes to go to heaven before her children“- he then continued -“This is every mom’s hope of course then there are no words in such a situation“.

Barbara d’urso, anger and pain for Elvira’s mother: “She lost another son”

Barbara d'Urso 06092022
The presenter in the talk show studio (@Mediaset Infinity)

The space dedicated to the death of Elvira Zriba, which took place around 3:30 am while the girl was going to take out the garbage, revealed a double tragedy. In fact, a few months ago Alba had lost her other son, who was also killed by a hijacker. So now the woman found herself mourning the disappearance of her only daughter she had left. Like this Barbara d’urso he has declared: “In these situations I take 10 steps back and leave the opportunity to speak“. In addition, the presenter, in difficulty, explained that she is too excited and that when she talks about her children, her tears come out by themselves.

After giving Afternoon Cinque a news full of anger, the presenter asked Elvira’s mother for permission to broadcast the video of the accident. The video has been running for several days on the web and was also shown by all the news, as specified by the presenter herself. So Alba, mother of Elvira, has decided to give consent to what is requested by d’Urso. The showgirl before sending the video specified: “It is to make it clear that that girl was near the crosswalk and he was going to take out the garbage“.

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