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Fedez, and the video that leaves everyone speechless, particularly worrying the fans: here’s what happened and the details of the story

One of the rappers who changed the way of making music in Italy is Federico Lucia who we all know as Fedez. His music has always been broad, direct and full of meanings full of essential life values. Today he is the companion of Chiara Ferragni, the famous influencer with millions of followers and together they have created a wonderful family with two beautiful children, Leone and Vittoria. Unfortunately, the rapper was the protagonist of a very sad episode.

curiosity of the rapper (web photo)

The rapper has always communicated not to be obsessed with success but to want to communicate as much as possible the messages he intended to give to his audience. In an interview he confessed: “There never was obsessive pursuit of success for my part, there has always been an expressive urgency and the desire to expand one’s audience, there has never been the search for fame itself … […] success changed meit has made me what I am, inevitably, for better or for worse ”.

From the very beginning to follow e supporting his talent were his parents and his mother, who also represents his manager. He stated that with the first money he earned he repaid all the family debts: “We weren’t a family from Mulino Bianco, we started going to the hotel thanks to my work, before only camping. I used the earnings of the first two years to pay off the debts we had ”.

Today it is related to the gorgeous Chiara Ferragni with whom she has two wonderful children, Leone and Vittoria. The two often immortalize their holidays on social media, their hilarious moments but also some really sad moments, like the one experienced some time ago due to the rapper’s illnessa tumor now defeated thanks to the timely intervention of doctors and nurses who saved his life and whom he will never stop thanking.

Some time ago, Fedez was the protagonist of a truly sad and disconcerting episode.

The sad episode involving the rapper

wedding ring
the serious episode he was forced to undergo (web photo)

Some time ago a rumor was around on social media about an attack whose protagonist was Fedez. But what exactly happened? is this really the dynamic?

The answer is obviously negative: the rapper was involved in a fight within his video clip Morire Morire, in which he is attacked by some right-wing militants.

The message is obviously political and he has repeatedly expressed himself to declare his thoughts.

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