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A famous actress of “Beautiful” said goodbye to the historic US television series, literally leaving the soap opera’s many fans speechless

One of the most followed TV series ever, as well as the most watched, continues to air continuously since the distant month of March 1987. Nowadays, in fact, the successful soap opera it is watched daily by about three hundred million viewers around the world.

Beautiful (Websource)

Now in its thirty-fifth season, “Beautiful” has obtained a myriad of awards, starting with three Emmy Awards for Best Drama Series, achieved in 2009, 2010 and 2011. As for the number of episodes, however, the soap is approaching at a rapid pace towards 9000 episodes. Of these, just over 8,500 have been broadcast in Italy for the moment.

“The Bold and the Beautiful”, the original title of the series, mainly talks about the events that revolve around the protagonist family of the same, namely the “Forresters”. Naturally, the members of the aforementioned family are joined by the many other characters of the American soap opera, who have managed to capture the attention of viewers for decades thanks to the plots and relationships that are formed between them.

Beautiful, the farewell of the famous actress that no one would have ever expected

The face of the historic US TV that has left filming forever is nothing short of that Rena Soferthat is to say the interpreter of Quinn Fuller. The actress, who has been participating in the soap opera since 2013, explained the reasons that led her to farewell during an interview she gave.

Rena Sofer, interpreter of Quinn Fuller (Websource)

Part of the interview was also reported by the portal, where we can read the words of Sofer: “They basically told me they had no idea what was going to happen to Quinn by asking me to go into recurring. At that point it became clear to me that they had no plans for my character and it was easy to decide. I think I deserve more than sitting around waiting for ideas to come to them “.

The idea of ​​becoming a secondary character, therefore, was not at all appreciated by the interpreter of Quinn Fuller, who in this regard concluded her statements by declaring: “It’s already difficult to stay in a soap when you don’t have a story, to come back as recurring on a show where you were an active player every day it’s not feasible for me. This is not the direction I want to takeI want to go on into the scary unknown ”.

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