because everyone goes to the white pumps and takes advantage of the two brand new bonuses, what a gift

Let’s see why all Italians are going to the white pumps and above all why they save money by going to this special type of petrol pump.

But let’s also see what the two are bonus prepared by the state precisely to stem the sting of increases in diesel and petrol prices.


War in Ukraine but above all, the choice of oil-producing countries to produce less black gold is driving up the prices of diesel and gasoline.

White pumps and bonuses

Despite the cut on excise duties ordered by the government and also confirmed, fuel prices are very high and so for the Italians it becomes important to go to the white pumps but they also become important the two new bonuses put in place by the government. The sting of inflation is truly terrible on all fronts because it is not just gasoline and diesel that are becoming more and more expensive but bills are also becoming more and more expensive just like the expenses at the supermarket are always growing. That’s why Italians need white pumps and they also need public aid to be able to move forward. First let’s see what white pumps are. White pumps are pumps that do not adhere to the large gasoline networks and therefore can charge lower prices.

New bonuses to exploit

White pumps recognize why they don’t have the very famous logos of the big oil companies but little known and certainly not known logos.


When you see one of these gas stations, you don’t have to think whether it is something clandestine on the contrary, the white pumps are the ones that make you save the most. They are very popular in Italy and certainly there are many near you too. In reality, just search the internet to find out which one is closest. But the new bonuses made available by the government for what concerns diesel and petrol are certainly very interesting.

Very different bonuses

The first bonus is available to all employees private companies that decide to provide this aid which can be worth a maximum of € 200. So the company pays the 200 euro bonus for petrol directly on the paycheck of the worker and the worker you will not have to pay us taxes because it is not considered as income. This is certainly an interesting bonus but reserved only for employees of private companies. The other bonus that can be requested online is the bonus reserved for road hauliers.

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