Bella Thorne forgets Benjamin Mascolo in the arms of her producer

Last July, through a beautiful letter published on his social profiles, Benjamin Mascolo has formalized the end of his love affair with Bella Thorne. The singer and actress, known for her role as Cece Jones in the series At full rhythmor, they had been together for three years. For love, Benji he had also moved to California shortly after meeting the woman. Several times the lead singer of the duo Benji and Fede she had stated that she was in a beautiful, open relationship with Pretty.

A story that had its own rules and that for this very reason made him feel good. The two had also decided to get married, so much so that his own social profiles had published various posts on the marriage proposal. Benji and Bella had also been guests at Verissimo, Silvia Toffanin’s living room, where they had told more details about their relationship and upcoming wedding.

A month after the marriage proposal, the couple had arranged a stratospheric engagement party in Los Angeles. Wedding that unfortunately no longer took place. Like a bolt from the blue came the news of the breakup, causing deep sadness to all their fans.

During a live broadcast with her followers, to those who asked her why she broke up with the singer, Bella Thorne replied:

I broke up with Well for my reasons, please stop asking, it’s a personal matter.

Months later, the actress was paparazzi in Mykonos in the arms of her producer. The photos were published by the well-known English newspaper Daily Mail who writes:

Bella Thorne paparazzi giving a passionate kiss to a beautiful mysterious man in Mykonos, two months after the shock of the end of his relationship with Benjamin Mascolo.

The mysterious man will later turn out to be his producer.

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