Bellini’s “I Capuleti ei Montecchi” live from Catania

On the day of the 187th anniversary of the death of Vincenzo Bellini, Friday 23 September, Rai Cultura offers one of its most beloved masterpieces live on Rai5 at 8.50 pm: “I Capuleti ei Montecchi”. The show is staged at the Massimo Bellini Theater in Catania, the composer’s hometown, as part of the “Bellini International Contest”, promoted and organized by the Sicilian Region. The orchestra and choir of the lyric institution are directed by Fabrizio Maria Carminati, while the direction, sets and costumes are by Gianluca Falaschi.
“In addition to Romeo and Juliet – says Falaschi – there is a third protagonist in this staging: the house. Which is not just a scenographic element, nor a reassuring hearth: it is the symbol of a patriarchy that crushes and encloses the will of the young people for their own use and advantage. A house from which Juliet knows she cannot escape; a barred house from which one can glimpse the sky and the fields in which she knows that she will be able to walk free only after death. Bellini’s nineteenth century, a century in which both bourgeois decency and convenience as well as the bourgeoisie itself were invented. one escapes only tragically “.
The opera tragedy in two acts on a libretto by Felice Romani brings to life the story of the unfortunate lovers of Verona and is interpreted by Ruth Iniesta (Juliet), Chiara AmarĂ¹ (Romeo), Marco Ciaponi (Tebaldo), Guido Loconsolo (Lorenzo) and Antonio Di Matteo (Capellio). The choir is instructed by Luigi Petrozziello. The television direction is by Barbara Napolitano.

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